As a leading software delivery consultancy, we help our clients respond to the critical need for strong security through modern delivery principles and practices.


Security needs to be designed and built in right from the start. We’ve published our Secure Delivery Playbook detailing how we embed security as a part of delivery, alongside existing disciplines and practices like Continuous Delivery and User Experience

While many security teams have a wealth of experience in network and data centre security, few have suitable knowledge in application security, cloud security, and agile delivery practices to effectively protect these aspects of the business.

Who we are

The Equal Experts Security Practice brings together consultants with experience in a range of security domains, [a combination of long-term associates and permanent staff, like in the rest of] the wider network. Our expertise includes:

  • Security leadership
  • Secure software delivery and operation
  • Application security
  • Infrastructure security
  • Cloud security, with experience in all the major providers
  • Building critical security controls, such as authentication, authorisation and cryptographic applications.

We are passionate about growing the wider security community and have shared some of our expertise through our Secure Delivery Playbook. A number of our consultants present at meetups, feature in podcasts, and even lead global security industry bodies.

A new security operating model for agile delivery

Security departments are struggling to adapt to the rapid change in software delivery and the wider digital transformation programmes underway. A new business operating model requires a new security operating model.

Equal Experts’ Security Practice is well-placed to help you adapt your security processes and practices to complement rapid, iterative software delivery models in the engineering department. We bring decades of experience in building and operating secure software in accordance with industry best practice, as well as in organising and leading security teams.

How we’ve helped our clients

Our clients have engaged the Security Practice to help in a variety of ways, ensuring they meet their security needs while continuing delivery at speed. Here are just a few examples of the work we’ve done:

  • We provide security engineering and assurance alongside our engineering teams building a PCI DSS-compliant payment gateway in the Middle East.
  • We built a centralised encryption service to provide a performant, scalable solution to protecting sensitive data for a large UK retailer.
  • We built platform security teams for a number of clients, embedding security engineers with platform engineers to build and operate secure digital platforms and provide specialist consulting to product teams.
  • We’ve helped a large UK retail client begin a bug bounty program for their digital platform and e-commerce site.

Who we've worked with

  • John-Lewis3
  • HMRC
  • Tesco
  • The_Very_Group_logo_grey
  • O2
  • Network
  • Freshfields