Our network

Equal Experts is a global community of over 3,000 highly experienced individuals.


The EE network is made up of  Associates and permanent staff – as well as our alumni, many of whom repeatedly return to our ranks.

No matter the position, we look for quality above all else – growing our numbers organically via personal referrals.

All our consultants have extensive experience, and we also operate a rigorous selection process. This ensures that everyone who works for us has the skills required to thrive in the dynamic client environments that host our projects.

Our focus on only using senior people brings many benefits. With a flat structure promoting empowerment, we can operate with fewer overheads, while offering a more concentrated pool of experienced talent than our competitors. It also means our talent can focus on work that adds real value, rather than micro-managing more junior consultants.

For our clients, this all translates to better software, delivered faster and at lower cost. And for our team, it means a working environment with less politics and more freedom to innovate. Experienced people know what they’re doing – we free them to do what they do best.

An ethos that binds the network together

We’re proud of these things, as they help make the network the great place that it is for people to thrive and do their best work. With a global, growing and changing network, we also hold our values close – they’re the first thing that new joiners learn about, they define our approach to technical and delivery challenges, and they reinforce the skills we have as consultants.  

As well as looking after our own network, we also have the utmost respect for all our clients, something that is reflected in our Team Charter – a reminder of the Equal Experts way for all the teams that work on-site with clients.

A culture that people return to

We mention alumni above because many people who work with us choose to do so again and again. They are therefore a key part of our network, even when not currently working with us.

Our business model makes it straightforward for talented practitioners to alternate their client engagements (via Equal Experts) with whatever else it is that inspires them in life; travel, entrepreneurship, charity work and more. But one thing we’ve noticed; they always come back…