Good practice guides based on years of experience.

MLOps PlaybookDigital Platform PlaybookYBIYRI PlaybookData Pipeline PlaybookInceptions PlaybookChaos Day PlaybookSecure Delivery PlaybookRemote Working PlaybookAdvice Process Playbook

We have produced a compilation of playbooks filled with good practices based on the experience of many Equal Experts people who worked over the years with hundreds of customers. They are a great example of the power of the Equal Experts network.

One of our shared principles is that we value a passion for learning over knowing all the answers. We don’t pretend to know all the answers – but we are confident in our ability to find them. We do not hire very experienced people because they know everything, but rather because they are better at knowing how and where to look for the answers.

We trade on our ability to learn and share knowledge, rather than protecting or ‘guarding’ it. At its core, Equal Experts is a haven where this sharing happens freely and happily, between like-minded practitioners and our customers. This is why we felt compelled to open-source these playbooks, so that this knowledge can be shared as widely as possible.

We hope you find these playbooks as useful as we do.