Release value early with user-centered design thinking and user research to inform your product strategy.

Our design consultants are empathetic and considered, creative yet pragmatic and include user researchers, service designers, product managers, content designers and user experience designers. We work with you to identify opportunities that will create the most value for your organisation and sustain innovation. By putting users at the heart of what we do, we work from the outside-in to shape your product vision and improve your user experience. We consider the end to end customer experience or the needs a citizen might have when using a government service, we understand that no two contexts are the same.

What we do

  • We start with users to understand their needs, pains, motivations and behaviours. By putting people at the heart of your design process, basing decisions on insights and evidence, your products will be more successful and deliver the impact needed.

  • We use design thinking and run discoveries to identify the most valuable problems to solve and explore viable, ethical and feasible product solutions. A discovery de-risks product delivery by exploring and evaluating a range of ideas before committing to building anything.

  • We explore different end to end user scenarios and roles,  considering the  user experience online and offline. In taking a holistic approach, we gain insight into the systems and processes that enable the product or service, and help teams collaborate to deliver a successful, joined up user experience.

  • We create elegant, inclusive design solutions that bring the product vision to life, with considered use of interactive design patterns, tone of voice, brand and product values. Great UI design builds trust and credibility with users, leading to better product retention, engagement and advocacy.

  • We design and structure  digital content to help users complete a task or consume information without unnecessary ambiguity or friction. We understand user needs, design for accessibility, and localise language for different markets and contexts. Content design significantly improves your user experience as it supports users’ mental models, wayfinding and natural behaviour.

Why Equal Experts?

Our experts have both breadth and depth of experience, typically 10-15 years, in  the public and private  sector.  We bring our craft skills of course, but we also bring design leadership, passion and knowledge,  and we’ll  invest time with your teams to build in-house capability.

Whether you are improving an existing service or developing a new proposition, by  spending time with users you’ll develop a deep empathy across your organisation. Investing in great design means your products and services will give you better outcomes and release more value to your users.

EE have been fantastic partners in this bank since I sat over a beer on a cold winter’s day in Manly with their CEOs.  They have been with us every step of the way, and have helped us out when sometimes we didn’t even know we needed help!  Always there, always-on, and always thinking beyond what we have paid for. Truly a great and genuine partner.

Eric Wilson, Xinja CEO

Want to innovate faster? You need experts by your side.