Increase the pace of innovation with modern software engineering practices that embrace security and operability from the outset.

Building resilience into your organisation and your product teams, we help them release change on a daily basis. By embedding a ‘you build it, you run it’ mindset, we help you to reduce the total cost of ownership, increase release frequency and adopt security assurance processes.

What we do

  • Beginning a new digital service with a brief inception phase to build a shared understanding – agreeing project objectives, scope and planning.

  • Using our expertise in Continuous Delivery we have a relentless focus on speeding up feedback cycles, from weekly to daily to continuously.

  • Focusing on digital service management from the outset. This covers logging, monitoring, anomaly detection, and alerting.

  • Helping you respond to the critical need for strong security through modern delivery principles and practices.

Why Equal Experts?

We share expertise formed from years of experience making software work in production. We recognise the importance and value of what has come before so we work with you to evolve your existing technology estate. With empathy and collaboration we engage with guardians of existing processes to demonstrate new approaches. We embrace Continuous Delivery, Operability and security from the start to build long lasting, secure and scalable digital service that you can change as easily on day 500 as on day one.


We have selected key technical partners, to ensure quality and consistency across your delivery solutions.

Equal Experts consultants were professional, highly experienced, and a great “cultural fit” within the organisation. Together we’ve designed and built a service that has the opportunity to radically transform a very traditional business.

Andy Pipes, Head of Product Management for Co-op Digital

Equal Experts stepped in and turned around the delivery, bringing an extensive level of agile maturity and showing us once more that they truly care for their clients’ success.

Darren Beasant, Head of IT Delivery, O2

Want to innovate faster? You need experts by your side.