Cape Town

Equal Experts has been working out of Cape Town since 2017, and we’re rapidly settling into life in the ‘Silicon Cape’.

Cape Town’s reputation as the digital gateway to Africa is well established; it’s a key tech hub and a hotbed of startup activity.

Its status as the birthplace of AWS’ Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) only cements the area as a place that top-tier engineering talent is drawn to. In other words – just the kind of people that work within the Equal Experts network.

We’re hiring in Cape Town

We’re now actively searching for talent to join our network.

As ever, we’re aiming to create a new outpost for a working culture that’s recognised as one of the best in the UK; and of course, it will take on its own flavour as the office develops. If you’re based in or around Cape Town and want to be a part of that evolution – and have the kind of experience and outlook that fits our network – we’d love to hear from you.