Introducing EvolvE: a new generation of senior talent

Evolve participants 2022

EvolvE is an accelerated career development programme for software practitioners. We run it to fast-track skilled people and give them the breadth and depth of experience required to be an Equal Experts consultant.

Who’s it for?

EvolvE is UK-based, and currently available to Devs and DevOps practitioners – though that’s something we may expand in the future. To be considered, you’d need strong technical skills and to have already had around 3-4 years of experience in Development, DevOps or Sysadmin.

Typically, you’d spend around three years on EvolvE, on 3-6 different projects. During this time you’d be employed by Equal Experts, but at the end you can either go off into the wide world of contracting, or remain as an employee.

Why do it?

It’s a win-win programme on many levels. For us, it helps develop the next generation of experts, gives us a potential source of future consultants and contacts, and gives something back to the tech community. For clients, EvolvErs bring great energy to projects, and in tandem with EE mentors also bring strong technical skills.

Most importantly, it’s a great opportunity for those on the programme. If this sounds like the kind of thing you’d be interested in, you’d get:

  • Career planning We create a career plan together, then review and adapt it as the programme unfolds.
  • Development Together, we assess the experience and the skills you need to develop to get to consultant level, and set up 3-6 month goals and actions to help you get there. We also make sure you’re on the right project, and rewarded according to your experience as it builds.
  • Coaching With the help of suitable mentors, we aim to develop your skills, as well as seeking and giving feedback on your progress.
  • Time to learn A percentage of your time will be set aside to be non-billable so that you can get involved in the tech community – be that through tutorials, talks, hack days or conferences.

For more information, or if you’re interested in applying, get in touch at EvolvE@equalexperts.com