Danielle Cooper
Danielle Cooper EvolvE People Manager

EE Life Fri 18th November, 2022

Meet the EvolvE team on a fast track to consultancy

Our EvolvE programme is quite unique. It is for people with 3-6 years Development, DevOps or SysAdmin experience, and aims to accelerate your career to senior level in 2-3 years. Our EvolvE participant Natalia Oskina says “I was a mid-level developer, and I was looking for more complex projects that would offer increased challenge in a variety of scenarios.” If that sounds like you read on. 

How does EvolvE work?

The goal of the EvolvE programme is to fast-track mid-level technologists to the next level. We take skilled people and give them the breadth and depth of experience required to to be an Equal Experts consultant. 

As soon as you join Equal Experts, you go straight onto a client engagement working alongside senior consultants on real solutions for our customers. This provides an immediate boost to your learning. You’ll be rotated onto a new project every 6-12 months, giving you exposure to a broad spectrum of tech environments and teams. 

Typically, you’ll spend around three years on EvolvE, on 3-5 different projects, with a mix of public and private sector clients, small and enterprise. Your personalised ambitions will help you determine which aspects of consultancy you’d like to develop more deeply, and you’ll have the opportunity to broaden your interests and experience as you see fit. For example, if you’d like to work on your frontend experience, we’ll help you find a team where you can do that. 

As you work, you also get time off-project, which you can use to focus on learning new skills; this might be through self-directed learning, tutorials, talks, hack days or attending conferences. You’ll have ongoing mentoring from senior members of your teams. You’ll also have salary reviews every 6 months, to recognise the growth in your skills and contribution.

During the programme you will be employed by Equal Experts, at the end you can choose to go off into the wide world of contracting, or remain as an employee.

What’s it like to be on the EvolvE programme?

If you’d like to know more, we’ve put together a series of Q&A interviews with some of our EvolvE participants, past and present. You can: 

  • Find out from Natalia how she’s used the EvolvE programme to self-direct her learning and progress quickly. She says “If you’re someone who wants to grow quickly, and you have an interest in more than just one speciality, the EvolvE programme will give you that.” 
  • Hear from Reece about the volume and variety of learning opportunities he’s had since joining the programme, and why he thinks it’s crucial for all of us to get out of our comfort zones.
  • And Adam talks about the grown up culture of the company, saying that “the most appealing aspect was that Equal Experts genuinely treats everyone like adults and trusts in your ability.”

Interested in discussing further? Contact me to arrange a call or find out more about the programme here. We are currently hiring Developers and Devops Engineers for our Manchester and London offices, but most of our work is hybrid, so your home location is less important.