Secure Delivery

Reduce the likelihood and impact of cyber attacks, improve regulatory compliance and speed up delivery.

The average cost of a data breach in 2021 was more than $4 billion. Organisations are also facing reputational damage and the risk of fines and penalties associated with low regulatory compliance, ineffective identity and access management and lack of automated security controls.

We created our Secure Delivery Playbook to help development teams understand how a “you build it, you secure it” approach to software delivery can improve security controls and compliance at every stage of the lifecycle.

Why operate a Secure Delivery model?

Boosting security at all stages of the software delivery lifecycle and delegating responsibility to product teams means you can build highly secure and compliant systems without costly delivery delays. 

Systems are operated by the same empowered teams who build and manage effective security controls, rapidly respond to attacks and work collaboratively with Information Security teams to provide continuous assurance.

Get a deeper understanding of Secure Delivery

Our playbook is packed with insights and first-hand experiences from our team, who share the principles, practices, and pitfalls associated with Secure Delivery for digital services.

View our Secure Delivery playbook

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