We’ve been working in Germany since 2015 and moved to become a closer part of Berlin’s vibrant tech scene in early 2018.

Initially, we were collaborating with existing clients who were keen to engage with our expertise and experience within their own market. We’re now working with new clients too, and have a shiny new office in Mitte.

As always we’re able to harness the collective knowledge of our existing network to hit the ground running, but we’re always on the lookout for more great people as we build up our network and clients in Europe.

We’re hiring in Berlin

We’re keen to meet experienced, pragmatic software practitioners of all stripes – devs, DevOps, BAs, QAs UXers – based in and around Berlin. We were recognised in 2019 as having the 2nd best workplace culture in the UK, and we’re committed to creating a similarly great place to work wherever we do business; why not get onboard early?

To find out more about what makes us tick, take a look at our values.