Data Analytics

We use Data Analytics to help you understand your customers, whether you’re dealing with Big Data or what we call “Medium Data”.

To offer meaningful personalised services to users, we need to really understand their behaviours and needs, and how they interact with our products and services.

We need to capture data – lots of data – and analyse it cleverly to gain actionable insights.

One of the challenges in modern data analytics is knowing for sure that you’ve actually got “Big Data.” A lot of our projects have what we call “Medium Data.” This is data that can be stored and dealt with efficiently if you model it using cutting-edge techniques. In contrast, clever modelling alone won’t help with Big Data — it will probably take an unfeasible amount of time to even transform the data into the correct shape!

With Medium Data, good data modelling expertise early in the process yields incredible dividends. With Big Data, infrastructure becomes much more important. Figuring out how to apply massive amounts of physical resources to the problem is not only the best option, it’s usually the only feasible option.

Whether your data’s big or medium, we have extensive experience in dealing with it.