User Experience

We base our design decisions on research evidence and real user needs — then we do the hard work to make things simple.

It can be challenging to create great user experiences. Our favourite projects involve negotiating complex systems, and business requirements can appear to conflict with usability. Overcoming these challenges to produce simple, usable software is the kind of hard work we enjoy.

By building incrementally, we can test products with users every step of the way. This gives us a thorough understanding of actual needs and behaviours, and means that we base our design decisions on hard data rather than assumptions.

At the earliest stages, we create mockups, wireframes and prototypes to get fast, actionable feedback from the business and from users. Later on, we use clickable prototypes and analytics from the live beta service to get detailed feedback, and continue to make refinements throughout delivery.

“We embed our user experience designers and researchers within our delivery teams.”

By making user experience a core part of our delivery team, we maximise everyone’s exposure to research, building empathy and understanding for the service’s users. When day-to-day work is rooted in a deep understanding of user needs, business requirements naturally align – and delivery teams are motivated to build the simplest possible experience.