Equal Working
Nick Davies
Nick Davies Equal Experts Alumnus

Our Thinking Fri 3rd November, 2017

Flexible working is key

We were chuffed to bits to feature prominently in a recent report on great workplace cultures – it’s thanks in part to our collaborative, autonomous approach to making decisions and the way we treat everyone as the grown-ups they are.

There’s no silver bullet to being a great place to work – it’s a combination of many things and at Equal Experts there’s still plenty to do. But one area we’re proud of is our flexible approach to working – something we wrote about earlier this year.

The days of a rigid ‘Monday to Friday’, ‘nine to five’ working routine are long gone, and we recognise that. It’s a one-size-fits-all solution that, for many people, simply doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. That’s why, if Equal Experts employees and associates ask to work fewer days, flexible hours or from home, then we’ll do what we can to make that happen.

How we do it

Having seen the Leadership and Culture at Work report we featured in, workingmums.co.uk – the job and community site for professional working mothers – got in touch to find out how our flexible culture works in practise.

They spoke to two Equal Experts flexible workers – Katie Coleman, one of our engagement managers, and Julia Bellis, who’s a product manager. They explained how an agile way of thinking makes flexible working a good fit.