What's New Fri 27th October, 2017

Official: we’re one of the best places to work in the UK

We’re all excited to learn that Equal Experts has placed 3rd in a new high-profile report: ‘Leadership and Culture at Work: the CMI/Glassdoor Top 20’.

The report is a joint initiative from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and Glassdoor – the influential jobs and recruitment website (where you can read independent employee reviews on most companies, including us).

It’s particularly gratifying to feature in this list, because our idea of a great workplace culture was a prime reason we started Equal Experts 10 years ago – we want to provide an environment where talented grown-ups can collaborate with like-minded people, and where we have the opportunity to work on meaningful, challenging problems for our clients.

Featuring on this list – among major organisations including Facebook, Northern Gas and Power and Homeserve UK – is a sign we’re going in the right direction.

Smart people don’t need handholding

One aspect of our culture that appealed to the selectors seems to have been the autonomy we all enjoy here. This is something that’s enabled by our flat structure, which we are actively supporting via a new ‘advice process’ we’re trialling this year.

The advice process empowers each and every member of our company to make meaningful changes to the way we do things, and it puts individuals in control of their own careers.

Rather than having to refer ‘up’ to management all the time, or ask permission to do something – whether that be trying a new process, buying equipment, making a hire, or even launching a drone into space – when faced with a decision you are simply expected to ask for advice from the colleagues your decision will affect.

I’ll blog on how this advice process works in more detail soon – it’s proving to be an interesting area for us, and will perhaps be useful for others to read about, too.

Don’t forget the basics

What else contributes to an excellent work culture? Well, it’s important to get the basics right, of course. We ensure our people are well rewarded for their efforts, both because it’s the right thing to do and also because we don’t want money to be a prime issue in deciding whether to work with us (or not).

We also recognise that we all work hard, and life can occasionally throw up more challenges than are welcome. So we have made a qualified Occupational Psychologist available to our employees, to discuss any issues – personal or professional. Discussions take place away from Equal Experts premises and are strictly anonymous; the service is there to provide our people’s mental health a boost, whenever they need it, whatever the reason.

Culture is not static

While this report is hugely encouraging for us, we’re all aware that culture is constantly changing. A lot of the initiatives we’re looking at are intended to help us keep improving.

For example, we’re looking at how we can become a more diverse workplace, and at how to bring an even richer mix of skills, ideas and perspectives to the table – while retaining our core values of course. If you’re keen to learn more about us, do get in touch, or keep an eye on our LinkedIn page for opportunities as they arise.