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Introducing EESA

Taking Equal Experts to new heights

Equal Experts Space Agency

Not content with expanding internationally over the last few years, in 2017 we’re heading into the stratosphere with the launch of EESA – Equal Experts Space Agency. EESA is supporting EE Associate and Technical Architect Tim Squires in his attempt to break a World Record. Join us for the ride...

Our mission: achieve the highest altitude in horizontal flight by a winged aircraft.

The civil record is currently set at 19,500 metres; NASA made it to around 29,500m. We’re aiming for 30,000m. We’ll be floating our swish unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to these heady heights using a balloon, before allowing it to undock and glide back down to earth. We already have some form here. Tim recently made the news by launching a balloon to the very edge of space with the Scout troop he leads in Shipley, Yorkshire. Now that we’ve established a basic capability, it’s time to push ourselves.

The mission is complex Successfully pulling this off will require several test flights to establish each element will work as planned:

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Why’s EE sponsoring this record attempt?

Space exploration may not be our bread and butter, but in many ways this project is actually pretty typical of our work:
  • It’s a difficult technical challenge
  • Tackling the problem allows us to learn new skills and techniques
  • It brings lots of people together to work as a team
  • We’re trying to break new ground via the innovative use of technology
  • It’s a lot of fun to work it all out – and build something special!