Diversity of circumstance
Katie Coleman Managing Director, North America

Our Thinking Tue 4th July, 2017

Diversity of circumstance

If your life won’t support the traditional full time employment, five days a week pattern, Equal Experts is still keen to hear from you…

As with many organisations in our industry, we want to improve the diversity of our company and do more to encourage more kinds of people to join us. This year we’re putting a big focus on not only discussing and understanding the diversity issue we have, but also on doing something about it.

While all genders, races and sexualities are represented within our organisation, there’s plenty of room for improvement. There’s another element of diversity that sits slightly apart from these factors, though (although it’s affected by them). For the sake of this blog, let’s call it diversity of circumstance.

In short, all of us have different situations to deal with in life. At Equal Experts, we don’t want your circumstances to get in the way of enjoying a satisfying, challenging career.

My own experience

I have my own experience of this. When returning to work after having my second child, (having also moved back to the UK from abroad), I was shocked at how few companies were open to part time senior consultancy roles.

I sought a four day week, which I thought would be manageable for most roles, and it was refreshing talking to Equal Experts – my request wasn’t presented as a barrier at any point.

Well, here I am, and my role as an Engagement Manager means I work across different locations and clients, giving me great flexibility (which is just what’s needed when juggling two young children, a commute, and commitments with a spouse who also works full time).

Equal Experts has been supportive the whole way, and allows me to manage my own time to do the best job. The focus is firmly on outcomes rather than time spent at a desk – just as it should be.

Of course, it’s not a one way street, and there are responsibilities that I must always meet, but knowing I have a supportive environment where flexibly is the norm, has made EE a great place to work.

Great people are always welcome – whatever their situation

So as part of our drive for diversity, we don’t only want to increase the mix of people working for us (although we’re very keen to do that too). We want to engage with people dealing with the many different circumstances that life can throw at us.

You might be a parent looking to rejoin the workforce, as I was, having taken time out from your career to raise a family. Or you might be looking to work part time, giving you time to meet other commitments besides work – whether that’s caring for children, elderly parents, or simply pursuing your own interests.

Our People Team are always looking for great people, and we want to be clear – we really want to hear from anyone with the right skills and values.

If you’re interested to learn more about our current opportunities, you can always email us or keep an eye on our LinkedIn page.