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Liezl Kritzinger Recruitment Team Lead

EE Life Tue 6th December, 2022

What does a typical day look like for our Front End Developers?

We recently invited Matthew van Rensburg, a front end developer at Equal Experts in South Africa, to tell us about his typical working day. Matthew has been with Equal Experts for a little over two years, working as a software engineer and front-end developer.

If you’re considering taking the next step in your career as a front-end developer, we’d love to hear from you at Equal Experts. We’re always looking for great developers to join our unique network, which is focused on constant learning and improvement, responsible innovation and genuine collaboration.

Here’s what Matthew says about his working day:

Matthew works in a team for a large retailer, where Equal Experts engineers and consultants work alongside the retailer’s delivery lead and product manager. At the start of the day, Matthew checks that the systems are running as they should and responds to queries and requests from colleagues on Slack.

Remote working that feels connected 

For the past two years, Matthew has worked remotely, which allows him to be at home for his wife and kids. But this doesn’t mean he feels isolated. “We have people managers to make sure we’re happy and catered for and all our needs are met, which is fantastic. But you’re rated on how much value you deliver, not how often you check into a meeting.”

Each day Matthew works through ticket requests from the client, which might mean working on a new feature, testing code, or solving an issue that’s arisen. “I like that the culture of Equal Experts means that if I see an opportunity to add value to the client or the team, I can start a conversation and request a meeting,” says Matthew.

 The culture at Equal Experts is highly supportive and allows Matthew to work on different tasks depending on what is most useful on the day. “If I feel like I’ve had too much front-end, or I want to do some DevOps, or I want to read some blogs to learn, then it allows you to do that,” he says. “It’s not about how many tickets you finish or how many hours you put in, it’s about the value you add to the client, which is great.”

A culture of grown ups and learning

 Equal Experts prides itself on building a company of grown-ups, and so most days Matthew finishes work feeling fulfilled. “I always learn a lot at work. Equal Experts is filled to the brim with these exceptionally smart individuals, and you get better working with these folks who are a joy to be around,” he says.  

 After two years, Matthew says he gives Equal Experts ‘double thumbs up’ and recommends the company to his former colleagues at every opportunity. “If you come here for a month, you’ll understand the hype, because it’s all true. I love it here.”

 See more about Matthews’ Equal Experts experience in the video. If you’re interested in finding out more about working with us, drop us an email at