Equal Experts Walkathon
Kathleen Collier
Kathleen Collier Marketing & Comms

EE Life Fri 24th May, 2024

Let’s get ready to ramble!

We say it every year, but every year it’s true. The Equal Experts Walkathon gets people moving faster than the kids on Christmas morning. And now it’s time to really go the extra mile (all the puns are intended) to raise as much money as possible for causes close to everyone’s hearts. 

This year we have a whopping 1,777 walkers – that’s 50% up on last year.  Your massive meanderings are taking the Walkathon all over the world, with teams in 37 different countries, from Turkey to Thailand. How’s that for netwalking?

Helpful hikers from 20 different companies:

With participants from 20 companies in our network, we knew we’d get some fun team names. We think Sirius Walkers will give us serious competition, and Pret a Marcher have definitely got their pieds-à-terre (although their Cinnamon Bunions might get the better of them). 

His Majesty’s Rambling Collective and Never Knowingly Undersoled are two team names that made us giggle, but not enough for us to take our eye off the ball (or our feet off the pavement). We were surprised by the team who chose Platform Shoes though – not the most practical choice for hiking, surely..?

Steps make £££ and there’s only one week to go!

So what is it that makes even the biggest loafers among us get into our trainers? Well, realistically, we know that you lot are a competitive bunch, but the chance to give something back to those less fortunate than ourselves plays a big part too. 

Equal Experts will once again be donating money to charity and for the first time ever all of the charities are customers – past and present! At the end of the Walkathon you will be asked to vote for one of our charities.  Equal Experts will then donate money to that charity based on your total step count.  This year’s charities are:

  1. The Pret Foundation
  2. Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF)
  3. Merlin’s Magic Wand
  4. The Sea Life Trust (a Merlin charity)
  5. The John Lewis Partnership Foundation

So get back off the couch (yes, we see you resting) and get out there, because there’s just one week left to make a difference to these fantastic causes.

Stay tuned to find out how to choose your charity, and keep clocking up the steps – we can’t wait to see how many of you become millionaire walkers this year!