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EE Life Tue 4th June, 2024

Going the Extra Mile for Good Causes

Hang up your trainers and fill the bath with ice because the Equal Experts Walkathon 2024 is done! Over the last 31 days, 1,779 of you in 185 teams have walked, jogged and treadmilled your way (yes, we know some of you have walking pads under your desks!) to a massive total of 475,000,000 steps, or 205,000 miles/330,000 kms, all in the name of charity (and of course, competition). 

You may have sworn off walking for the rest of the year, but it’s been a fascinating month of steps and stats, so here’s something to marvel at while you’re nursing your blisters and putting your feet up:


And that’s not all. For every 10,000 steps we took, Equal Experts will donate £2.20 to one of five charities, all customers either past or present.  That’s 1p for every 45 steps, which means your favourite cause stands to get a real boost to all the good work they do.

Together, our 475,000,000 steps mean we will donate a total of £108,000. Thank you for helping us do so much good!  The breakdown of this amount and charities are listed below:

  1. The Pret Foundation – £31,386
  2. Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) – £34,372
  3. Merlin’s Magic Wand – £12,157
  4. The Sea Life Trust (a Merlin charity) – £14,653
  5. The John Lewis Partnership Foundation – £15,432

A million footprints later…

We’re in awe of the 12 of you who walked over a million steps.  What an amazing feet (pun intended).  We are now officially consigning you all to the sofa until Christmas!  Here’s a list of all of the millionaire walkers, congratulations to every one of you:

The team who walks together…

Once again you made us laugh with clever team names and delighted us with your team spirit.  But there can only be one winner and that title goes yet again to Equal Experts very own Northern Soles – congratulations!  And congratulations to the other teams who made the top 10 as well:

As we say goodbye to the Equal Experts Walkathon 2024, we’d like to thank all of you for entering into the spirit so beautifully with us. We hereby give you leave to stand down, sit down and calm down – whether you’ve been dancing on the spot for a month (Steph Belton), putting steps before sips (Walk now wine later), or getting through on caffeine (Coffee Stomper). You did good – now rest!