ExOps: when UX and DevOps collide

EE Life Thu 23rd June, 2016

ExOps: when UX and DevOps collide

We recently shared an update from this year’s Associates Conference, and with two of the talks from our Associates being filmed for future posterity, it would be remiss of us not to share them with a wider audience.

So without further ado, here’s EE Associate Simon Bostock, who spoke on the topic of ‘ExperienceOps’, or ExOps – and wondered how a UX practitioner’s view of the world might be enhanced by the good folk of DevOps.

Take a look at Simon’s whole talk below. Be warned: there are some very fine GIFs.

Building on this ExperienceOps concept, Simon will be sharing an updated, substantial take on the idea at forthcoming ExpertTalks events in Leeds (held on July 20th) and Cardiff (September 8th). If you’d like to attend, just sign up via the relevant Meetup page; we’d love to see you there.