Delivering boutique digital transformation with ListSure.

Adopting continuous delivery processes and new technologies to promote growth in new market shares.

ListSure is an Australian-based financial services representative of The Hollard Insurance Company, a global insurer with businesses in Africa, Europe, India, China, Australia, and New Zealand. ListSure offers a unique insurance tool for real estate agents and property vendors. Through a bespoke platform, ListSure provides finances to cover the costs of marketing residential homes for sale: think drone footage, interactive floor plans, and video walk-throughs to highlight key selling features. The thinking? With more compelling listings and better marketing for homes, vendors will achieve more sales, typically at higher price points. Beyond marketing, there are also plans to use the platform for a broader suite of real estate activities, including financing for interior design through ‘pay on success’, conveyancing services and more.

With ListSure enjoying rapid growth, the increase in scale and frequency of their opportunities required a change in approach. New technologies would support the team to work more efficiently, deliver more value, and accelerate their growth even further. Here’s how we guided ListSure through a transformation process, adopting new technologies and delivery methods to deliver far more value—far more frequently—without losing continuity of service.

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  • Transitioned from 9-month periods between releases to 14-day release cycles.

  • Supported ListSure to pivot and connect with brand new, preciously unidentified market segments.

About ListSure.

ListSure is a fintech innovator operating within the real estate industry, with a focus on delivering unique products and initiatives to better serve the sector. The company was initially founded by melding two financial products—finance and insurance—to create ‘Pay on Success’. Today, the team is working to develop and deliver a wider suite of financial tools and products to create value for the real estate sector.

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    Fintech, real estate

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    Digital transformation, coaching, continuous delivery

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    Headquartered in Sydney

Effective change management process involves proven frameworks, tailored uniquely to your organisational requirements.

Prior to our partnership, ListSure had been working with an incumbent consultancy firm and operating with a traditional waterfall delivery approach. Unfortunately, the waterfall delivery methodology was no longer reflective of the team’s—nor the platform’s—requirements.

For ListSure to grow, release cycles needed to be much faster and more frequent. The team needed support to adopt a process of continuous delivery and a DevOps pipeline to enable continuous integration

Beyond the move towards continuous delivery, we also encouraged the shift from ‘project thinking’ to product thinking. This meant:

  • Encouraging ListSure to proactively develop an overarching vision for the product to inform a roadmap of activities, rather than respond to developments along the way
  • Validating the product vision through user research, prototyping and testing
  • Breaking forecasted features and functionalities into a suite of manageable deliverables to support a more iterative and flexible approach to delivery.

With these pillars in place, ListSure was able to begin adopting technologies, tools and processes to deliver more value through their platform, far more frequently.

Think big; start small. By compartmentalizing work into small packages, we can deliver greater value over time.


Through a series of initial diagnostics, we quickly identified a number of simple improvements to help streamline ListSure’s user experience. We intentionally started with smaller self-contained suites of work, like de-bugging existing assets and gradual reappraisal of functionalities.

By starting small—through bug-fixing work and smaller-scale feature deployment—we encouraged the ListSure team to adopt change iteratively.

Now that the team is comfortable with new, proven technologies and processes, we’re collaborating to re-write and improve ListSure’s core internal workflows.

Understand that the path to change is a two-way street; feedback and collaboration are crucial.


Rather than take a top-down approach—and simply introduce a variety of new frameworks without any ‘on-the-tools’ support—we coached the ListSure team to collaboratively adopt more agile work practices.

Feedback formed a critical part of the process from start to finish, with the coaching approach tailored based on feedback received throughout. This way, we encouraged the adoption of proven frameworks in the ways that are most meaningful for the ListSure team. Where possible, we adapted workshops and deliverables to create maximum value by reflecting ListSure’s unique organisational context and culture.

Deliver the unique skillset required to meet a specific need, by leveraging a global network of seasoned experts.


By leveraging the Equal Experts network of over 1,000 highly experienced specialists, we drew on a world-class pool of expertise.

This approach ensured we called on the right experts for ListSure’s unique requirements throughout the project—rather than simply drawing on available local resources—while delivering without any disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the ListSure team delivering value frequently and effectively, our strong partnership continues to grow.

Thanks to the success of our initial partnership, we are now ListSure’s technology partner of choice. We’re currently in the process of working 

“Equal Experts provided ListSure with a competitive edge by bringing global expertise to local business problems. A remote-first engagement helped us move at pace and deliver in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Equal Experts have a spirit of partnership in their DNA and deeply understand my business, my people, and my clients. They have the ability to digitally connect cross-functional teams in a way that encourages divergent thinking to solve complex problems while maintaining a real humanity that imbues everything they do.


Fundamentally, it’s not business to business – it’s human to human, regardless of where they are located.”

Brad Melman, ListSure, CEO

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