Thank you Agile Manchester

What's New Mon 16th May, 2016

Thank you Agile Manchester

EqualExperts had a great time at Agile Manchester last week and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved; the other sponsors, the organisers (including the committee and venue staff), the speakers and, most of all, the attendees that got involved to make it into the event it was.

I was lucky enough to be asked to speak, and, (overall) I think my Real-world Agile: Tricks, Traps and Tales from the Trenches talk was well-received – I certainly had lots of good follow-on conversations of people with similar experiences! A copy of my slides are on Slideshare.

The biggest debate seemed to be around NoEstimates/Estimates – I’m still not sure whether estimation can be taught ;o) – but I think Dan and Keith managed to find much common ground!

The biggest turnaround seemed to be on the subject of Mob Programming with lots of tweets of the ilk of “from sceptic, to desperate to try, in 60 minutes.” If conferences are about one thing, it’s helping people to try something new – letting them find out whether what works for someone else, works in their own particular context – so well done Woody!