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Jon Dickinson Chief Commercial Officer

Public Sector, What's New Mon 26th February, 2024

HMRC’s Data Platform Services Core Engineering Platform shortlisted in Computing’s 2024 Security Excellence Awards

We’re thrilled to announce that HMRC’s Data Platform Services (DPS) team, supported by Equal Experts, has been shortlisted in the category of ‘Project Excellence’ for the DevSecOps Award in Computing’s 2024 Security Excellence Awards.

The prestigious awards ceremony recognises the data engineering work that keeps organisations and their customers safe, with winners being chosen annually based on their innovative security strategies.

The DPS team has been shortlisted for the great work they did to bring a You Build It You Run It approach to HMRC’s core engineering platform, changing the way they think about writing code, and embedding security within everything they do.

Kev Gray, Account Lead for HMRC, expressed his pride in the work the team has done:

“Building data platforms the right way in a sensitive and guarded environment can be challenging, however, the partnership that has developed between Equal Experts and HMRC DPS over the last 5 years has created a culture of shared responsibility that has allowed innovation to thrive. Great to see some recognition for the HMRC teams by being shortlisted for this award.”

We’re truly proud of the innovative strategies the DPS team has employed to enable these DevSecOps processes within the UK’s tax authority. Well done to everyone involved, and good luck on awards night!