Proud to be a sponsor of Pipeline 2015

What's New Fri 20th March, 2015

Proud to be a sponsor of Pipeline 2015

Equal Experts was proud to be a sponsor of Pipeline 2015 yesterday.

EE was well represented as I was joined by Antonio Terreno, Alun Coppack, Theresa Cantwell, Charles Kubicek, Tony Bruce (and of course Steve Smith, part of the Pipeline crew) and we all had a great time.

The day was kicked off with an inspirational keynote from Linda Rising (a few days after turning 73 – Happy Birthday Linda!). 

The rest of the talks and open spaces provided a really interesting variety of topics covering Continuous Delivery much more broadly than the stereotype of just DevOps and deployment tooling. My day concluded with a full house for Dave Farley (who did, after all, “write the book”).

Thanks to the other sponsors and to the Pipeline 2015 team (Amy Phillips, Anthony Green, Chris O’ Dell, Emily Webber, Matthew Skelton and Steve Smith) for all the hard work.

The organising team have done an amazing job again this year; others considering organising an industry conference should learn from them.

Take their proposal review process, for example – a blind selection that aims to encourage diversity by removing bias – and their anti-harassment policy for a template of how to create a conference which is informative, fun and safe for everyone involved.