Louis Abel Client Principal

What's New Mon 22nd February, 2016

Equal Experts is a top supplier on G-Cloud

The Government’s G-Cloud framework is part of its Digital Marketplace, used by the public sector to procure cloud-based software services and expertise from the likes of, well, us!

The service has now facilitated nearly £1 billion in sales. With some 1,616 G-Cloud suppliers to choose from as of November last year, there’s plenty of competition, but Equal Experts has consistently been picked by Government as a trustworthy supplier of technology services. So much so that when a recent article by Computer Business Review looked at the leading companies by sales on G-Cloud, we placed number 3 on the list.

A reliable partner on challenging programmes

We’re continually inspired by the Government’s modern approach to software and its place in public life. Some of our most challenging, interesting engagements have been within the public sector; our largest current engagement is with HMRC (we’ve covered our ongoing work on its Multichannel Digital Tax Platform here before). We’ve also successfully worked with the Home Office, Cabinet Office and Government Digital Services (GDS).

On G-Cloud, we provide our services under the Software as a Service and Specialist Cloud Services lots, and we’re always very happy to discuss new opportunities, whether public or private sector. To learn more about how we could help, get in touch.