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What's New Tue 9th November, 2021

Appointing Equal Experts’ New Chief Expertise Officer

I’m excited to let you know that we have created a new role, Chief Expertise Officer, as part of the Equal Experts exec team.

This is to ensure that while the Equal Experts network is growing we keep focussing in a holistic fashion on expertise and experts. This is essential given it is our main differentiator in the market, because expertise and learning to achieve mastery is such a big part of who we are.

We are appointing Brian Blignaut to this new, crucial, role.

Brian’s mission is to build the capabilities and skills we need to support our commercial strategy so that we have the right kind of experts available at the right time to deliver our services to our customers – to our high standards.

Brian’s remit goes across all disciplines with all members of the Equal Experts network globally, employees and associates alike. Brian will work across the organisation to help maintain the expert bar so our expertise does not get diluted or less relevant. He will also strengthen our internal communities to promote good practices while supporting our consultants journey towards mastery, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. Brian will also actively promote our brand to practitioners around the world.

All of this is more relevant than ever with the current global talent shortage that is unprecedented in 2021. It is also in line with our strategic direction to increase alignment across our network that has grown in complexity since its original design fifteen years ago. The end result should be a network that will be even more than today a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.

“Over my 10 years at Equal Experts I have been fortunate enough to have worked in several roles where helping to grow and develop the network and maintain our expertise was a part of the remit, and something I really enjoyed. I am therefore delighted to move into a role where I can focus all of my attention on collaborating with others to further improve our network.” Brian Blignaut

I could not think of a better person than Brian to lead this effort. He is a consummate consultant and leader who has won the respect of many people at Equal Experts over his 10 year tenure. He has played many delivery roles as a technology leader with our clients, collaborated across many of our business units across the world, and more recently established our office in South Africa from scratch. At the end of the day, Brian is a great role-model for everything we value in our consultants.

Brian’s intimate knowledge of our global network makes him uniquely qualified for this role and I am confident he will add a tremendous amount of value to Equal Experts and our customers.