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Ritika Nanwani 2
Ritika Nanwani Equal Experts Alumnus

What's New Mon 17th February, 2020

A glimpse of our new office in Pune

The design of an office can do a lot to promote creativity. I work as a Software Quality Engineer at Equal Experts, Pune, and we recently moved to a new working space. It’s a much bigger office and it gives me a very positive vibe every time I enter the premises. 

All of our teams work in an open lab space kind of environment. Everyone has a dedicated workstation for pair programming with improved facilities to collaborate. My team has a glass board installed on the adjacent wall where we can gather around and start penning our thoughts. This has improved our discussions and brainstorming process a lot.  It also makes me feel good that I am reducing the use of paper.

I can walk to one of the many corners that has a small table and chairs for some focussed conversations, or spend some time in a swing chair with my thoughts. Everyone can also climb up the hut for some group discussions. This experience has gone from being cumbersome to convenient and efficient.

We’ve also hosted some external events in the new office already. Like The ProductTank Pune meetup by “Mind the Product” Group. It’s an informal meetup for the local product community, whether they’re Product Managers, Designers, Business Analysts or Developers – to share their experience. Ganesh N (Product Director, Freshdesk), gave a talk on Product Leadership. Munish Malik (Lead Consultant, EE), ran a workshop on how to accelerate the Discovery phase using a ‘Discovery Canvas’.  

We have a huge pantry where everyone breaks for lunch or some recreational games like ping-pong and carrom. It’s also a great place for lunch & learn events. Here’s a few I enjoyed: one by Shalini Singh from BSpotted on how to improve our communication skills. The other one was by Akos Veres, Operability Engineer from Equal Experts Germany, who spoke about his journey from an online radio station to ‘Operability.’

While there’s still a lot to explore in this space, I hope these pictures give you a glimpse of our new office. If you are in Pune and would like to connect, please get in touch with us.

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