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Logo and icons

Our logo

Logo white

Equal Experts white logo on blue background

Our logo is a very valuable asset. We must treat it with the utmost care and respect! Never mess with our logo by distorting its proportions, using the wordmark alone, rotating it, stacking it, overlaying it onto busy or low contrast backgrounds, and especially not creating your own version.This is the main Equal Experts logo. It works well on dark and high contrast backgrounds.

Sponsorship & colour logos

Logo sponsorship

Equal Experts coloured logo

On the left is the Equal Experts sponsorship logo. It should be used when more explanation may be needed e.g. when we sponsor events. On the right is the colour version of the Equal Experts logo. Occasionally, you may need to use it on light or white backgrounds.

Logo colour

Equal Experts coloured logo

Monotone logos

We love our main logo, so that should always be used if possible. These can be used as a substitute, but only when absolutely necessary.

Monotone black

Equal Experts monotone black

Monotone white

Equal Experts monotone white

Our icon

It’s our logo stripped of its wordmark. Use it only when and where space is limited, for instance when the logo has to be within a square or circle shape or as a design element on a presentation.
Equal Experts monotone white
Equal Experts blue icon circle
Equal Experts white icon circle

Social icons