You Build It You Run It sounds great… but it won’t work here!


This event took place on Jul 05, 2022

Approximately 1 hour(s) with question time included.

About this event

Since You Build It You Run It was outlined in 2006, on-call product teams as an operating model has gone from being a controversial idea… to being a controversial idea.

Enterprise organisations don’t do it, but they do talk about why they don’t do it:

  • “It’s too expensive”
  • “Developers won’t want to do it”
  • “Nobody would be accountable”
  • “There would be no incident management”
  • “Developers would spend all their time firefighting”
  • “It’s not possible to have a DBA for every team”

This talk demystifies these fears about You Build It You Run It, drawing on experiences from multiple enterprise organisations who’ve successfully implemented on-call product teams.

It explains how to simultaneously achieve frequent deployments, high availability, and a high rate of learning across many teams and digital services.

This talk takes place at:

5pm BST

6pm SAST

9.30pm IST

12 noon ET (US)


You Build It You Run It sounds great… but it won’t work here!

This event has ended however you can watch it, along with other past events, via the link below.


Steve Smith
Head of Scale Practice, Equal Experts

Steve is the Head of Scale Service at Equal Experts, and advises clients worldwide on leadership in delivery, operations, and culture at scale.

Steve has played key roles in multiple digital transformation programmes. He was a leader on a 60 team/600 microservices programme for a UK government department with £500Bpa revenue.

He also implemented a Continuous Delivery and operability strategy for 30 teams/100 microservices in a high street retailer with £2Bpa online revenue.

He’s also written multiple books, such as Measuring Continuous Delivery and Build Quality In.