Operability and You Build It You Run It at John Lewis & Partners


This event took place on May 05, 2021

Approximately 1 hour(s) with question time included.

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How do you transform speed from 10 to 5,000 deployments per year, while increasing overall website reliability for 30 teams working on a £3.5 billion retail website? How do you embed an operability mindset into product teams working at one of Britain’s oldest, largest, and most popular retailers?


John Lewis & Partners has provided its customers with retail merchandise since 1864. The company is co-owned by its 78,000 employees, and it operates 42 stores across the UK as well as Over the past few years, John Lewis & Partners has been on a digital transformation journey, replacing its ecommerce monolith with tens of microservices and teams, and a bespoke, award-winning digital platform


We have a big emphasis on operability. We’ve built a Paved Road for telemetry, including availability targets and service level objective alerts. We’ve implemented You Build It You Run It at scale. We’ve adopted Chaos Days, post-incident reviews, and per-team incident management. 


We’d like to share with you the successes we’ve had, and the lessons we’ve learned while adopting operability at scale. We’re hoping to encourage and inspire other folks working in large enterprise organisations! Your takeaways will be: how a digital platform can remove telemetry friction, how you can track leading indicators of operability, and how you can measure the cost effectiveness of You Build It You Run It.  



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Operability and You Build It You Run It at John Lewis & Partners

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Simon Skelton
Partner & Platform & Operations Manager (JL&P)

With over 30 years experience in IT, Simon has worked in both Retail and Insurance enterprise IT environments, with a wide range of roles, from an on-call Programmer, through to Strategy & Architecture Manager and IT Operations Manager.

After leading the implementation of ITIL across the John Lewis Partnership in 2010, Simon is now leading the next cultural evolution: applying a DevOps philosophy as they migrate (£3bn+ sales pa) from a monolithic ecommerce package, to a microservices architecture built upon Google Cloud Platform.”

Steve Smith

Steve Smith
Principal Consultant at Equal Experts

Steve Smith is a Principal Consultant at Equal Experts, who advises clients on Digital Transformation, Continuous Delivery, and Operability.

Steve was a leader on a 60 team/600 microservices programme for a UK government department with £500Bpa revenue.

He also implemented a Continuous Delivery & Operability strategey for a 30 team/100 microservices programme for a UK retailer with £3Bpa online revenue.

He’s also written multiple books, including “Measuring Continuous Delivery” and “Build Quality In”. Steve tweets from @SteveSmithCD and blogs at