Not dead, just resting! Multi-product teams and a magnificent maintenance mode


This event took place on Apr 26, 2023



Steve Smith | Head of Scale at Equal Experts


How do you enable maintenance mode in a DevSecOps world, and why is that even a question?

Maintenance mode. Keeping the lights on. BAU support. Evergreening. To-may-to, to-mah-to. It happens when there’s no more funding for feature development in live digital services and data pipelines. There’s a need to resize teams to cut costs, and to reassign people to start on new propositions…

… but those live services aren’t dead, they’re just resting! Who does the library upgrades, security patches and defect fixes? Who preserves availability targets when there’s no more money to look after the live services that are making money?

Steve has spent time with tens of different scale-ups and enterprise organisations. Too many used their operations team as a maintenance mode solution and wondered afterwards why technical quality, reliability, and employee retention all took a hit. And if you think transitioning a live service into an operations team is hard, you should see the reverse when it’s back to the developers for more features.

In this webinar, Steve will cover pros, cons, and examples from three different maintenance mode solutions – the operations team, regional developer support teams, and multi-product teams. Steve will also explain why multi-product teams are an extension of the You Build It You Run It operating model, and how this can give you a genuinely magnificent maintenance mode.