EE IND: Let your apps Flutter and be Agile


This event took place on Jul 17, 2020

Approximately 1 hour(s) with question time included.

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About this event

Agile is not just about practices like TDD or CI. It’s also about people working together as a single team. When it came to frontend and app development, many projects ended up with separate teams for various platforms leading to different skills, delayed releases and increased effort for test automation.

In this session, we would build a simple app for iOS and Android using flutter, while following agile practices like pairing (remote), TDD, and practices of CI/CD.


EE IND: Let your apps Flutter and be Agile

This event has ended however you can watch it, along with other past events, via the link below.


Anay Kamat
Mobile Practice Lead

Anay has been practicing TDD and XP right from the start of his career. In his career of 14+ years, he has worked on various technologies like C#, F#, Java, Kotlin, Ruby and Dart. He was also the Co-founder of PresentSoft technologies Pvt. Ltd. Goa.As a mobile Practice Lead at Equal Experts India, he has been popularising Agile Practices for teams involving Mobile application development. Previously, he has taken session on doing TDD with Android using Kotlin. In this session, he would build a small app on Flutter using TDD, pair programming and continuous integration practices.

Rajesh Pitty
Developer/Software Consultant

Rajesh is a developer with 15+ years experience. Though he started with Agile, TDD, CI/CD and Functional Programming using Scala just 7 years back they have become his core tools he uses to develop applications while consulting the clients of Equal Experts from around the globe.