MyO2: Improving customer satisfaction with smoother self-service

Equal Experts worked with O2 to upgrade its MyO2 app for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.

The app brings together a number of self-service tools, making it easy for O2 customers to manage their accounts, check their usage, upgrade their tariff or handset, and more.

How we helped

MyO2 already existed when Equal Experts joined the project, but O2 wanted to do more to improve customer satisfaction (and thus loyalty). Reducing the volume of calls to O2 call centres was another aim – something we could only do by ensuring the MyO2 app was more helpful to more users.

We were engaged to create the back-end, mobile web and apps for a re-imagined MyO2 service. We had a reasonable idea of where to start, as O2 provided six months’ worth of customer feedback on the original MyO2 app – enough to make it see the opportunity in building a new customer experience.

And as is often the case, timelines were tight, but our expertise in Agile development practices allowed us to meet them. To keep our deployment options as open as possible, we chose an open source NoSQL database (in the form of MongoDB) and a cloud hosting solution. This also allowed us to implement a fine-grained RESTful API in the app’s backend. The upshot is an app that’s far more scalable in line with growing traffic and the ambitions of the business.

What’s more, we put all that user feedback to good use. We acted on around 75% of it, and also ran a two-month beta trial to put our work in the hands of customers as early as possible. This helped us make sure our upgraded MyO2 app delivers what users wanted all along. The success of the Equal Experts/O2 team has been reflected in traffic growth; MyO2 now caters for more than 4 million users, with no impact on the app’s responsiveness.