Recovery Plan

If your delivery goes off track, our hands-on approach to Recovery enables us to rapidly assess, then implement, corrective actions to turn things around.

Clients often approach us for help with projects that have gone off track, or are failing to deliver the value anticipated in the business case.

To help us assure delivery and ensure deadlines are met, we first look at why the current approach is not working – is there a gap in capability in the current team, a lack of understanding of real user needs, or are business expectations unrealistic?

“To build our understanding, we embed core practitioners into the current delivery team.”

To get things back on track we work together hands-on through a few iterations, and conduct assessments to evaluate technical complexity and risk. We also use our expertise to conduct a formal structured project inception to get to a revised delivery plan – one which all stakeholders can agree on.

We then provide recommendations to address the challenges being faced. And we stand by our recommendations, typically taking on overall delivery responsibility in order to implement the proposed corrective actions.

For an example of our work in this area, read our O2 e-commerce case study.