Inception Phase

Early on, we build a shared understanding – agreeing project objectives, scope and planning with all stakeholders.

We begin projects with a 1- to 2-week inception phase, depending on the scope and complexity of the engagement.

The purpose of inception is to do just enough analysis and planning to be able to start development with confidence.

“Having a core multidisciplinary team experienced in running project inceptions ensures that we get off to a running start.”

We conduct an intensive series of collaborative workshops to ensure the team and all stakeholders understand and agree on the work to be done. Additional activities can include user research, collaborative prototyping, and technical spiking.

Running a project inception can help to provide:

  • Understanding of the project vision, business case and objectives
  • Understanding of user needs, scenarios and user journeys, and the beginnings of a set of personas
  • High-level agreement on features and functionality
  • A defined vision of our system architecture
  • Decisions about the appropriate technologies to use, and deployment responsibilities
  • Our high-level approach to testing
  • An initial release plan RAID log that captures risks, assumptions, issues, and dependencies
  • Defined ways of working and project governance

When appropriate, we will also use the inception phase to set up the environments we need for immediate delivery, including continuous integration and automated paths to production.

Want to know more about our Inception process? You can read our Inception Playbook here.