Distributed Delivery

Our core UK delivery capabilities are complemented by offshore and nearshore delivery centres in India, Canada, South Africa and Lisbon.

Many people equate offshore and nearshore with commodity IT, delivered by large numbers of cheap labour. That is not our approach.

From day one, we’ve hand-picked every single consultant to ensure the same level of talent across all locations. We’ve grown our offices abroad at a slow and steady pace in order to maintain the high quality our engagements require.

While offshoring delivers compelling cost-savings on paper, the risk of failure is increased dramatically. We have learned over the years how to adapt the agile process and address the risks of distributed delivery.

When shaping our distributed teams, we make sure disciplined engineering practices are followed and even more importantly, we establish a culture where people are encouraged to express their own opinions – supported by a flat team structure, carefully avoiding any middle management layer.

Having like-minded, highly engaged and talented teams enables us to be much more than just an offshore partner or an onsite partner. Instead, our offsite teams can work closely with and complement our onsite teams. By flexing the ratio between offsite and onsite, we can provide our clients with long-term service that adapts to the demand and the lifecycle of the product – and provide better value for money.