Custom Software

We deliver innovative best-of-breed digital solutions to provide best value for money.

We primarily work onsite at our clients in co-sourced cross-functional teams, and take responsibility for delivery of end-to-end multi-channel software applications and platforms.

We have experience of a wide range of technologies, including Java, .Net, and Scala. Regardless of the chosen stack, we prefer:

  • Open source technologies: They lower your total cost of ownership, prevent vendor lock-in, and typically have fewer defects and better performance than proprietary counterparts
  • Lightweight, transparent frameworks: Chosen to fulfill a single responsibility and to accelerate a development team’s use of a particular underlying technology, not obscure it
  • Simple architectures: Independent, domain-aligned components rather than complex monolithic systems. Lightweight MVC frameworks, MVVM Javascript frameworks (for rich “single-page” style client interfaces), REST APIs for exposing common business services, and fully encapsulated persistence.

We’re passionate about technology that best delivers real business value. Our work typically has the following characteristics:

  • Online/digital – web/mobile/API/integration/service platforms
  • Enabling end users – marketing/self-service/eCommerce/workflow
  • “Soup to nuts” – end-to-end responsibility from ideation -> delivery -> deployment -> operations