Continuous Delivery & Operability

We release working software early and often – from weekly to daily to continuously – thanks to our expertise in Continuous Delivery and clear focus on operability.

In the modern world of digital products and services, users expect the continuous evolution of service offerings. Our consultants implement our Continuous Delivery and operability approach – which increases feedback cycles, de-risks production deployments, and ensures production systems can be operated in a reliable functioning condition.

We start projects by building a “walking skeleton,” automating the path to production.
This is an end-to-end slice of working functionality, delivered into production. It proves the architecture and the path to production, and gives us a foundation to build upon, incrementally.

We then automate the process of building and testing software in a repeatable and consistent way, from development, through test and into production. We incrementally adopt Continuous Delivery and build a deployment pipeline to give us confidence the same software is deployed and tested through each state. This confidence allows us to release early and often, with small enhancements directly responding to customer feedback.

Operability is key

Crucially, our focus is on an operability approach. This goes beyond the automation of infrastructure provisioning (also see related blog posts) to cover logging, monitoring, anomaly detection, and alerting. This ensures production systems can be reliably operated, and production incidents can be discovered and remediated in a minimal amount of time.

To make all this as straightforward as possible, we offer a Cloud provisioning service that helps our clients optimise their infrastructure costs. This includes the design and implementation of cloud-based infrastructure, automated deployment and web operations. It is approved for public sector procurement via the government’s Digital Marketplace.