Security shouldn’t be an afterthought, nor should it be an expensive luxury that only the deepest pockets can afford to give proper attention to.

We believe strong security should be the norm – for the sake of our clients and their customers. Yet this is not necessarily the case.

Week after week, we see stories of data breaches in the news, affecting organisations from small businesses to large multinationals; all seem equally vulnerable to the growing threat of cybercrime.

Many large organisations work with business processes and legacy systems that were not designed to meet the demands of the Internet age. These pose a risk to the business both in the limited security measures they have in place, as well as noncompliance with modern data protection laws.

As leading software delivery practitioners, we help our clients respond to the growing need for improved security through better delivery principles and practices. Security needs to be designed and built in right from the start – and there’s no better way to do that than to include it as a standard part of delivery, alongside existing disciplines and practices like Continuous Delivery and User Experience.

Security as Standard

To demonstrate our commitment to delivering high quality software, Equal Experts offers Security as Standard on all new engagements. This simply confirms that all our work meets a defined minimum level of security, measured against recognised industry standards. Any failure to meet this level would be rectified at no further cost to you, our client.

In practice, we always strive to deliver software that meets the agreed level, but Security as Standard exists to provide our new clients with additional confidence in the quality of the software we deliver, and also helps them to demonstrate accountability.

When ‘standard’ isn’t enough

Each delivery is, of course, unique and one level of security isn’t appropriate for all cases. Where a client needs greater assurance, we work with you to identify the additional security requirements and apply an acceptable security standard to meet your needs. This is then built into the product right from the start – to the same values we bring to all other aspects of delivery.

Beyond delivery

Our engagements are about a lot more than ticking boxes and shipping only what is asked for. We seek to improve our clients’ ability to deliver more quality and value to customers, and the security of these products and services is a vital aspect to consider.

Part of this comes via our portfolio assessments, which identify the risks and evaluate compliance against recognised industry standards and provide clear recommendations on how to achieve the level of security that meets your exact needs. And if required, we will work with you to ensure the recommendations are well implemented.