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Who is Equal Experts?

We’re an international community of highly-skilled, highly experienced software consultants, hard at work in the UK, Canada, Portugal, India, and Australia.

And now we're in New York.

Why we’re different

We carefully hand-pick our consultants based on their expertise and their ability to collaborate. They typically boast at least a decade of diverse, proven commercial experience.

Time and time again, this approach delivers high-quality, high-value software for our clients. And we can deliver it faster than more traditional, hierarchical consultancies.

Pick a problem. Learn how we helped.

Making digital transformation actually happen >

Equal Experts has deep experience of facilitating organisational change, allowing our clients to face the challenges of the digital age. Even when it’s not the core aim of an project, we pride ourselves on helping clients to improve their own ability to deliver software.

The clearest example of this is one of our engagements with a UK Government client. We helped to design, deliver, maintain and build upon an award-winning platform that now underpins the work of around 50 agile teams, spread across the UK. These teams release live updates to the platform many times each day – all in a department where just one or two releases per year were the norm, just a few short years ago.

The result: a truly agile, digital-first culture in the heart of Government.

Reducing the expense of running legacy software >

One of our Government clients had a suite of legacy applications sitting on expensive physical hardware, set up to cater for spikes in traffic that occur just once or twice a year. The expense could no longer be excused, but the applications still needed to be supported; what to do?

Equal Experts consultants had the answer. Our team sliced up the legacy application code and soon had a proof of concept up and running in the cloud – a far more cost-effective and scalable way to support these services. We’re now working to get all the services up and running.

The result: major cost savings, with zero impact to customers

Handling massive traffic spikes >

One of our UK Government clients faces a huge annual spike in online traffic as the tax self-assessment deadline looms large in the minds of the public. This is a system that is too important to fail, and the amount of traffic the platform serves is increasing year-on-year as digital channels become the first choice for an ever-increasing proportion of customers.

To prepare for the peak period in 2016, Equal Experts consultants worked with the client to implement a multi-active environment, enabling the system to seamlessly route traffic across two different cloud providers (rather than one, as in previous years). This increased the resilience of the service and ensured there was ample capacity at all times.

The result: Interruption-free, 24/7 uptime at a crucial moment

Delighting users on mobile >

Keeping customers happy and loyal is an age-old challenge for marketers. We’ve helped one of the UK’s leading cellphone networks – do just that, via native mobile apps for its loyalty program. The apps provide customers with slick access to exclusive offers, rewards and competitions.

Our initial work included the algorithms that match offers to users, as well as the apps themselves. This soon progressed to a schedule of regular feature improvements. The app is highly popular with users on both Android and iOS (where it’s the only loyalty app to rate 5 stars in the UK App Store).

The result: happy customers, leaving thousands of 5-star reviews

Saving a troubled delivery >

When a major delivery program was in danger of missing its crucial deadline, a telecoms giant called in Equal Experts (a bit like the A-Team, only with laptops instead of a van). Our task – to ensure its new e-commerce platform rolled out in time for the peak selling period over the holiday season.

Working with the delivery team and wider stakeholders, we led an intensive series of workshops to determine which aspects of the project were must-haves. By agreeing to de-scope non-essential features and re-prioritizing the workload, we were able to kickstart fresh momentum and ensure the platform’s core features were live in time for the holiday sales bonanza (with the rest following soon after).

The result: deadline met, more online orders made – and a happy client.