Caredoc: Building a new COVID-19 response service in just one day

“UX Forms changed the way we work, saving us 2 hours a day which was crucial for our clinicians’ response to COVID-19”
Michelle Kearns, CIO Caredoc

Caredoc is an out of hours family doctors service for patients with urgent medical problems who need to contact a doctor after surgery hours. The Health Service Executive (HSE) is responsible for the provision of health and personal social services for everyone living in Ireland.

The Coronavirus pandemic resulted in thousands of concerned Irish citizens calling HSE to ask for advice on their symptoms. Caredoc’s clinicians were tasked with triaging these calls and phoning back citizens with suspected COVID-19 symptoms to further evaluate their condition and consider next steps. This was a brand-new service, put in place extremely rapidly in response to the escalating pandemic. There were no supporting systems in place. Caredoc needed to be certain that they had followed up on every incoming call and that the outcome of each call was logged and reported, but without a supporting IT system this became a significant administrative burden.

Caredoc approached UX Forms to put an internal system in place where call handlers could log incoming calls, allocate them to clinicians to follow up, and ensure that all calls and outcomes were tracked and monitored.

In just one day, a single UX Forms consultant had built a production-ready system, complete with shareable call logs, access control, automated notification emails , and two dedicated forms – one for the initial call handlers and the other for clinician follow ups. The next day the service was used in production, and over the following days UX Forms worked closely with Caredoc to evolve the solution as the steps required in the service itself were changing rapidly.

Implementing the digital service in UX Forms eliminated manual admin and reconciliation tasks to track calls, and also enabled patients calls to be resolved more quickly than before.


“Our team has been delighted to work with UX Forms over the last few weeks to develop and implement a system to deal with COVID-19 patients. This has been used in our call assessment centre by our telephone triage nursing team and our call handling team. We needed a form urgently to implement a brand new service to triage patients with suspected COVID-19 and to refer them on for public health consultations or swabbing as required.

We contacted UX Forms and within 24 hours had a working system to test. We tested this and put the service into operation the next day. We had to make a number of adjustments to reflect changes in clinical pathways, and this was completed with ease and within minutes of our request. We had a number of form changes over the time and these were also completed quickly and effectively. We moved from a slow laborious paper-based system, to a quick and efficient digital system.

From the administration perspective – the form saved us two hours of tedious work every day. It also sped up the process for the telephone triage nurses. They were able to document their notes more speedily and effectively, including structured data items and automated email processes. This led to a greater throughput of patients, which meant patients were dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.”  Michelle Kearns, CIO Caredoc

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