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Katie Coleman Managing Director, North America

What's New Tue 15th December, 2020

Equal Experts and Oren Marketplace

Equal Experts is pleased to announce that we are now featured on the Oren Marketplace, a B2B marketplace for the mining sector.  

The Oren Marketplace

Now, more than ever, the mining sector is seeking to harness the advantages of technology to both gain efficiencies and adapt as the business and ecological landscape evolves.  Oren helps this process by bringing together buyers from the mining sector and showcasing the most innovative – and trusted – solutions in the market, such as Equal Experts’ UX Forms platform.

The Oren Marketplace brings together the very best expertise from Shell and IBM, combining deep industry and technical know-how in a single easy to use solution – see the UX Forms listing. Featuring some of the most advanced and innovative solutions on the market, Oren makes it easy for buyers and sellers to connect while providing opportunities for co-creation and procurement all in one place. 

What Equal Experts offers

Equal Experts is looking forward to bringing our products and deep expertise in software development and digital transformation to the mining and industrial sectors.  Throughout our thirteen years of global experience, we have honed our craft within complex business, stakeholder and regulated environments.  We provide a fresh, simplified approach to challenging situations and needs, using agile techniques to create structure, repeatability, and quality while remaining lightweight and nimble. 

What is UX Forms and how can it help in mining and industrial operations?

A joint venture between Equal Experts and developer Martin Gladdish, UX Forms is an enterprise-ready cloud platform for webform development. It provides organizations with powerful tools to create webforms of all types.

Our UX Forms product is particularly suitable for mining and industrial operations and safety processes, offering a way to quickly address pain points within an agenda of transformation.   

We find that many customers become overwhelmed with the enormity of transformation, which can act as a paralyzing force.  UX Forms helps by offering a simple stepping stone in the transformation process, and guiding clients in their journey. 

By starting with UX Forms, any business can begin to digitalize manual and offline processes, quickly.  Building forms often becomes an intricate process, consuming design, development and testing resources.  This is where UX Forms can provide a simple solution, a way to build low-code forms in a robust, cloud-compatible manner without needing an army of capability to get started.  Within hours, complex forms with conditional workflow capability can be built and deployed to the cloud.  

UX Forms also directly enables wider data strategies, thus helping to capture and structure data at its source.  This data can then be fed into other systems, thus allowing for actionable-insights and data-led decision-making, both of which can lead to improvements in productivity, safety and sustainability for the mining and industrial sectors.

Find Out More About UX Forms

If you need to digitize manual and offline processes quickly, visit the UX Forms website to see how we can help you.

Find Out More About the Oren Marketplace

If you want to know more about how the OREN marketplace provides solutions to help drive digital transformations at scale, then visit www.orenmarketplace.com