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EE Life Mon 5th June, 2023

Stepping out for good causes with the Equal Experts Walkathon 2023

The Equal Experts Walkathon 2023 is a wrap!  May has seen yet another record-breaking challenge, with 1,200 walkers and 99 teams clocking up steps all over the world for good causes.  We hope your feet are getting a well-deserved pamper now!

As ever, we have more incredible stats to boggle your mind.  Here’s the Equal Experts Walkathon 2023 in numbers:

This year, Equal Experts donated £4 to charity for every 10,000 steps you took (that’s 1p per every 25 steps), and gave a choice of charities for walkers to support.  As a result of all your happy feet, we will be making donations to the following charities:

In total, we raised a staggering £135,569!

Stepping up in the top spots

Every single step counted, but some of you went above and beyond to challenge yourselves with 5 millionnaire walkers this year!  That’s no mean feet (pun intended).  It required an average of 32,300 steps, day-in-and-day-out!  Some people went even further, with PerisAhmed nailing 1.5 million steps (which is an average of 27km per day), to be the overall winner. Congratulations to you PerisAhmed, and to our other top 10 walkers overall who were as follows:

  1.    PerisAhmed
  2.    Lucky2023
  3.    Maller
  4.     plp_martin
  5.    BenConrad
  6.    ManyStepsMak
  7.    CrazyCat
  8.    DaniGrando
  9.    jessmitic
  10.    OliviaW

The team who walks together…

Once again you made us laugh with clever team names, unleashed our competitive edges with impressive daily increases, and delighted us with your team spirit as you kept each other going in your group chats. But there can only be one winner, and this year the title goes to EE’s very own Northern Soles! Congratulations(!) and congrats also to the other teams who made the top 10.  You are truly leg-end-ary!

  1.    Northern Sole
  2.    Hakuna Matata
  3.    Pret a Manger Waterloo
  4.    Walk by Example
  5.    Pret UK Property
  6.    Sole Survivors
  7.    Pret US – Too Inspired to be Tired!
  8.    JL ‘appy walkers
  9.    JLP Carb Loaders
  10.     Feet of Engineering

Thank you to everyone who took part. You truly swept us off our feet, and we couldn’t have done it without you! 

It’s been wonderful to see all your pho-toes (sorry!), from dogs and family to wildlife and beautiful vistas.  We’ve especially loved how creative some of you were to make sure you made your step count targets.