Product Management

Data-driven prioritisation – to meet real, identified user needs – leads to successful MVPs.

We collaborate with our clients to clarify the business model and product vision. Our aim is to ‘fail fast and early’ – learning valuable lessons quickly leads to earlier delivery of success.

Data about the client’s needs, and those of their customers, helps us identify and prioritise requirements. The kinds of evidence we use may include:

  • Existing transaction volumes – whether visits to online legacy systems or offline/paper transactions
  • Operational priorities – such as a channel-shift to digital or self-serve transactions
  • Assessment of existing products – both the client’s, and their competitors’
  • User research – to understand the current proposition, and to acquire iterative design feedback as we develop the product
  • Legal requirements – and compliance priorities

We use hard data to develop personas and scenarios, and to reprioritise work as we gain significant new insights. Data-driven prioritisation allows for the early release of a minimum viable product to production, even if only for a closed Beta audience. Once released, the product is not ‘done’ – we need to continuously test with users and enhance the service based on feedback.

“An experienced product owner, someone empowered to make swift decisions, is essential.”

We typically embed a product owner provided by the client within our delivery team, but where necessary, we can provide highly experienced consultants to play this role.