Lightweight Consulting

Our assessments rapidly heat-map the strengths and weakness of your technology stack, your delivery team, or your entire IT and Product organisation, so we can provide meaningful recommendations.

There is no single “recipe” for success that applies to every business. We bring to bear the technical and delivery experience of many other client deliveries.

Most of our engagements require assessment of current capabilities, practices and effectiveness in order to make improvements, since most of our work is for big organisations and is never truly greenfield.

“We know what good looks like, but we also know what bad looks like.”

We have developed maturity models that we use to uncover the actual state of play through workshops, code reviews and shadowing of teams. We ask: Is your delivery process optimised? Are the business and IT engaged effectively? Are project governance and change management fit for purpose? Are engineering practices in place? Is testing automated? Do you put user needs at the heart of all you do?

We then provide recommendations to best answer how to scale delivery, how to go from idea to production, how to release frequently, and how to meet user needs. Perhaps most importantly, we help to implement those recommendations – taking responsibility for delivery success.