Digital Platforms

Are you unable to innovate at the pace of your competitors? Does it feel like everything is slowing you down as you add more teams? Are you spending too much time building infrastructure rather than adding business value?

To be competitive, your organisation must be ready to rapidly explore new product offerings as well as exploit established products. New ideas must be validated and refined with customers as quickly as possible if product and market fit and repeatable success are to be found.

With a  digital platform, you are able to innovate faster and iterate frequently to stay competitive. Digital platforms ensure higher levels of automation and out of the box tooling such as login, monitoring and alerting, which improves quality and increases reliability.  Digital platforms reduce costs by taking advantage of economies of scale and centralised cost management of infrastructure.  And of course, they ensure a happy and more productive workforce, as people can focus on creating business value, rather than building out infrastructure.

“A Digital Platform is a bespoke Platform as a Service composed of people, processes, and tools, that enables teams to rapidly develop, iterate, and operate digital services at scale.”

A Digital Platform built for five or more digital service teams will unlock Continuous Delivery and Operability at scale. It will result in faster innovation for digital services, higher quality in testing, improved ways of working, and reduced operational costs.

You might have multiple teams in a brownfield or greenfield IT estate, where your ability to deliver product features is constrained by your technology capabilities. In either scenario, a Digital Platform optimised for the delivery of digital services might be an accelerator for your organisation.

If you want to speed up delivery of a digital platform, read our playbook which describes the benefits, when to start, principles, practices and pitfalls – and please do get in touch.