Digital Platforms

We build large-scale Digital Platforms based on a micro-service architecture that allows for cost-effective re-use of components and seamless, cross-channel user journeys.

Many of our clients want the same thing – the ability to engage with their customers when they want and where they want, with a consistent brand and user experience.

Clients want to provide digital services so simple that customers can use them without help. It’s much cheaper and more efficient to provide products and services digitally than on paper, over the phone or in person, so if digital services are successful we end up saving money for investment in innovation – the real differentiator and competitive advantage. It makes real commercial sense.

On our engagements we establish the approach, architecture, patterns and governance for introducing modern service platforms. This includes establishing key patterns relevant to implementation, and defining governance structures to ensure consistency in implementation and usage. We leverage the service platform approach by exposing APIs externally – both to encourage 3rd-party innovation and to leverage customer data, services and propositions.