Move 4 Life

Supporting a small-medium business to scale, mature and evolve

Guiding Move 4 Life to pivot, create valuable new service offerings throughout the COVID pandemic, and take vital steps to evolve as a business

Move 4 Life is all about positive movement. Operating nationally around Australia, the team delivers a suite of OH&S training services to reduce the risk, incidence and severity of sprain and strain injuries in manual handling environments. So, when the initial stay-at-home mandates of the COVID pandemic hit—and seriously disrupted the prospect of in-person training sessions—Move 4 Life did what they do best: stay lithe, nimble and make the necessary moves to safely navigate a strenuous challenge. In other words, the team flexibly pivoted to embrace new methods of remote service delivery and create new, sustainable ways to provide huge value for customers.

Working as a foundational technology partner, we originally paired up in 2019 to enhance and automate Move 4 Life’s back-end business processes. However, throughout the journey, the Move 4 Life team has consistently identified new business opportunities, innovated in the face of unforeseen challenges, and developed exciting new ideas to improve their service offering. Here’s how we’ve supported Move 4 Life to evolve and adapt, while equipping them with a suite of technical tools to flourish in the future.

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    Including leading brands across the retail, warehousing and distribution, manufacturing, mining, and construction industries, and local councils

About Move 4 Life

Founded in 2005, Move 4 Life is the benchmark in preventing sprain and strain injuries by promoting safe practices and building physical resilience for people in manual handling environments. The team works with some of Australia’s most well-known organisations, having consistently delivered results with industry-leading clients like Australia Post, Optus, BP, Caltex, Castrol, Johnson & Johnson, and Asahi.

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Designing a technical solution to shift from time-intensive paperwork to automated productivity

Initially, Move 4 Life were looking to enhance and automate their key business processes.

As part of their service delivery model, employees at corporate customers sign up for training courses, training staff are allocated the courses and sessions to run, participants fill out information sheets at the end of each session, and eventually, their course completion is documented as part of each company’s OH&S requirement.

Historically, the team at Move 4 Life had managed these processes manually, using a range of common—though time and work intensive—tools like spreadsheets and paper documentation.

Designing a technical solution to automate these processes created enormous value.

Firstly, by developing a mobile application with Salesforce acting as the backend platform, Move 4 Life could easily and efficiently manage everything associated with training courses, corporate customers, and end users.

With less time spent on admin, the team was free to focus on more valuable initiatives like connecting with prospective clients for new business opportunities.

Secondly, there was a growing appetite for clients to include Move 4 Life programs as part of their formal training and re-training. By developing a mobile application, Move 4 Life could deliver ‘refresher courses’ through content delivery at key points after the initial in-person training sessions. This not only extends the breadth and depth of their engagement with corporate clients, but allows the team to create valuable content and training modules that can be accessed remotely, and delivered in perpetuity after having been designed and delivered once.

​​In developing a mobile app to deliver course content remotely, Move 4 Life could offer far greater value, far more efficiently. For everyone involved.

The application was delivered within three months, working in collaboration with a team of developers from around the world. Within the first month after initial launch, Move 4 Life had 6,000 customers sign up to complete coursework online.

The Move 4 Life app is available via Android, iOS and Web.

The application was developed with flexibility in mind, operating in GoogleCloud with SalesForce acting as the master for all information. By building a flexible GoogleCloud back-end with everything defined in SalesForce, we can streamline the processes associated with updating or maintaining operational information.

For example, if the Move 4 Life team wants to create a customer, add a new corporate client, or update existing account information, it only ever needs to be provisioned via SalesForce. All changes, additions and updates are then automatically replicated as necessary throughout the app. The same is true for adding new content types or content resources. For example, if Move 4 Life introduce a new type of article to help in delivering course content, they can do so without any requirement for a new release of code.

This approach makes things easier for staff to update, while crucially reducing time spent on administrative effort.

Flexible support: pivoting Move 4 Life to extend the application as a desktop version

Just prior to launching the application, a last-minute request came through from one of the team’s major corporate clients. While the mobile app was a valuable tool in delivering refresher course content on-the-go, there was a realisation that many of the staff for this particular client work in an office setting. Ideally, the app would need to be extended as a web version, to facilitate a high-quality user experience on desktop devices.

By building the app with Dart and Flutter managing the back- and front-end respectively, we were able to extend components of the application and flexibly reformat them for a desktop experience. This was able to be completed and delivered in conjunction with the initial three-month development period for the app, without any disruption to delivery.

Beyond the development and delivery of an initial product suite, our partnership involves supporting Move 4 Life to mature as a digital-first organisation

In addition to technical infrastructure support, our partnership is now expanding to include programs of user research, user experience design, prototyping, user testing, feature prioritisation, and a broad range of activities involved in maintaining digital products.

For example, an early hypothesis in the development of the application suggested that email address and mobile phone number should be optional fields in account creation. There was a suggestion that most people using the app would prefer to keep those details private, and therefore they would likely act as barriers to course completion.

Once the app was live, our tracking highlighted that a significant majority of users were actually happily providing both details—phone numbers and email addresses—as part of the account creation process. Additionally, those users who opted not to provide either of these details had difficulty resetting passwords and completing other account configuration tasks. In fact, there was an unintended administrative burden for Move 4 Life team members to support those users—people who had neglected to provide an email address or phone number—to update account information.

Equipped with this insight, the team was able to prioritise a series of updates to improve the situation by mandating these details as part of the account creation process.

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