IWD Lightning Talks – session 3


This event took place on Mar 24, 2021



Erica Kucharczyk | User Experience Research Consultant, Equal Experts

Liz Leakey | Principal Consultant, Equal Experts

Giovanna Faso | Head of Engineering Ops, OLX Group

Mia O’Donoghue | Senior Content Designer, Equal Experts


Three lightning talks (10 minutes each), by women from the Equal Experts network, to celebrate International Women’s Day.


Designing a service for Pret a Manger as the world changed in 2020.

Remote usability testing is nothing new but doing Discovery for Pret a Manger in lockdown, where we couldn’t observe users and in-store operational processes, was more of a challenge.

We used a range of techniques to design a Click and Collect service for Pret customers as the world changed rapidly in 2020, and shopping behaviours changed.

In just 10 minutes, you’ll understand: 

  • Using remote research methods to understand users’ context and operational processes.
  • Setting up experimental trials to design in-shop processes.
  • How we tried to predict customer food and drink buying behaviour after lockdown.

Erica Kucharczyk, User Experience Research Consultant, Equal Experts.

Liz Leakey, Principal Consultant, Equal Experts.


Beyond Cunningham’s Tech Debt analogy.

1992; the world is listening to a scary amount of Nirvana, Moby drops the Rave anthem “Go”, and where the hell has Laura Palmer gone? 

Somewhere in a remote location Ward Cunningham is frantically trying to come up with a way to get stakeholders to support his technical projects. The Tech Debt analogy was born, and this today still permeates boardrooms, Jira ticket labels, and a healthy amount of meetup topics.

You’d expect that by now we would have cracked this tough one, but no…we’re still left to wonder why Bank of Corp X isn’t chasing us up for overdue payments.

This talk wants to offer an alternative to thinking tech debt by surfacing first why the analogy hasn’t always been good to us, and how a further extension into the financial world could satisfy our need of growing value-add technical capital. 

Giovanna Faso, Head of Engineering Ops, OLX Group.


When content goes wrong (and why).

Yes, we’ll show you funny examples. Then, we’ll share how product and service content can be the best for your users – and is never laughed at. 

In just 10 minutes, you’ll know: 

  • Why good content matters.
  • When to start thinking about content.
  • How to keep improving your content.

Mia O’Donoghue, Senior Content Designer, Equal Experts.


This session takes place at:

09.00 ET (US)

13.00 GMT

15.00 SAST

18.30 IST


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