IWD Lightning Talks – session 2


This event took place on Mar 03, 2021



Lisa Copland | SVP, Client Engagement, Equal Experts North America

Julia Bellis | Product Lead, Equal Experts

Katie Coleman | VP, Client Engagement, Equal Experts North America


Three lightning talks (10 minutes each), by women from the Equal Experts network, to celebrate International Women’s Day.


The digital race is on. Is your company keeping pace in today’s digital ecosystem?

Let’s talk Formula One racing.  Companies want their digital platforms to be like a precision race car delivering value while finishing the race intact. 

This talk will explore various ways to create and maintain a high performing digital platform while ensuring that your organization is prepared to navigate the road ahead. We will explore key concepts in winning the race:

  • Put the pedal to the metal. Pace and timing is critical. Do you know the right pace for your organization?
  • Know when to tap the brakes. Keep your organization in sync. Succeeding in the digital era is a team sport that requires everyone to perform at their optimum levels.
  • Steer into a skid.  Knowing when to pivot is critical – but so is having the confidence to stay the course.

Lisa Copland, SVP, Client Engagement, Equal Experts North America.


Florence Nightingale – Agile Pioneer.

Florence Nightingale – we know her as the Lady with the Lamp – but she was so much more than that.

In this talk, I will persuade you that in her relentless focus on outcomes, and the best way to achieve them fast, she was a pioneer of the agile delivery methods that we use today.

Julia Bellis, Product Lead, Equal Experts


Reframing Change…a mile at a time.

In a fast paced world, with increasing pressure to adapt and change, how do we adopt new behaviours and make them stick?

Katie Coleman, VP, Client Engagement, Equal Experts North America


This session takes place at:
13.00 ET (US)

18.00 GMT

20.00 SAST.


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21.00 NZDT

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08.00 ET (US), 13.00 GMT, 15.00 SAST, 18.30 IST

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