Reduce time to market, the secret to successfully scaling digital delivery


This event took place on Nov 03, 2022



Christopher Condo | Principal Analyst, Forrester

Mary Barton | Consultant, Forrester


What are some of the biggest challenges when scaling digital delivery?

According to a Forrester study commissioned by Equal Experts, organizations want to scale their ability to deliver frequently, respond to customer feedback and reduce their time to market. However, they struggle to achieve this due to complex processes, legacy technology platforms, manual configuration and centralized controls.

To compound the problem, most organizations don’t have the digital delivery capability to change and adapt their current ways of working. This means that many organizations fail to realize the return on investment of scaling their development capability.

Join our guest speakers, Forrester Principal Analyst Chris Condo and Forrester Consultant Mary Barton, for a conversation on how organizations can make the necessary investments to enable their delivery organizations to scale effectively by reducing time to market and achieve economies of scale to deliver their businesses strategic digital initiatives.

You will hear about:

  • Challenges leaders face when scaling their digital delivery organization.
  • How some organizations are able to scale up and down their delivery capability to meet the demands of their business.
  • How to build an investment case to achieve the same at your organization.

You can download the full study and benefits case

This talk takes place at:

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